The Deep State

This is a real scandal started by the Obama Administration prior to the 2016 Presidential election. It is continuing today by the hateful leftist pals of the left and the media. The effort is to take down the Trump presidency by leaking classified information. The activity is no longer an esoteric program, but is now recognized as in progress and has turned up only the name of Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor from an intelligence report. However, it has found numerous vitriolic, i.e. hateful acts of the Obama Administration. The Deep State tentacles of the Obama administration still extend through the executive branch, the mainstream media, the Washington establishment and the Democratic and Republican parties.

The Deep State is interested in every area of public policy. It is known that some high-level holdovers from the Obama administration are unlawfully using intelligence agencies to spy on the Trump team and the American people should know about it. Although many Americans are apathetic, they should not be bemused with what is happening. It is a direct challenge to our form of government.

We Americans go by a rule of law and the Constitution, both of which are under assault by the Deep State. Some in Washington are recognizing this as a “soft coup.” A high profile example of Deep State was Sally Yates, who refused to defend the Trump administration’s travel ban. Trump gave her the ax for her so-called courageous stand. Throughout the federal government there are lower level officials failing to carry out the administration’s policies and through illegal leaks of legitimately classified documents to the media and political opponents of Trump. This has extended right into the Trump White House. The “deep state” is an enemy to our republic.

Alan Cohick

Cogan Station