Times haven’t changed

Fifteen to 20 years ago I met a man that bragged about being arrested 14 times for drunk driving. Six or seven men started laughing, thinking it was funny. After everyone settled down, I asked him how many times he drove drunk and didn’t get caught, to which he answered, “many, many, many times.” Again everyone laughed.

I asked him how many people may have been injured or killed while he drove impaired, to which no one laughed. He shot back, “I never injured or killed anyone.” No one laughed.

I then said, “Well, if you were so drunk, how do you really know?”


The laws haven’t seemed to change. I have been made aware that it takes over ten thousand dollars, for their fines, costs and restitution.

How many are still out there driving with no license, insurance or are visibly impaired? The latest incident, the man that injured an Amish family and their horse, destroying their buggy, just proves my point. I often wonder whatever happened to the man that I spoke about earlier.

Leland Shipe

Old Lycoming