To the point

In a recent letter, I suggested we take President Trump seriously when he describes himself (his words, not mine) as someone who never grew up, loves to fight, and does not respect most people he encounters because he does not think most people are worthy of respect.

My letter occasioned a response from a reader who did not address my suggestion, but instead, took the occasion to deflect from Trump’s telling self- criticism to repeat a litany of unrelated echo-chamber, all-purpose talking points: “Benghazi, the emails, Representatives Pelosi and Watters (sic), Schumer, the nefarious wiles and vices of all things Democratic, my “elite” backers,” my hypocrisy and a personal attack replete with factual errors….all of which has no relevance to the substance of my letter.

My original unaddressed message is simply this: Now, at a time when we could easily stumble into war with North Korea through miscalculation….possibly a nuclear war….we have given the nuclear codes to a president who admits to being immature, combative, impulsive, vindictive, retaliatory and thereby temperamentally unfit for the office he holds. That leaves us all with an unanswered question: What, if anything, can we do now?

Tim Mannello


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