Voter involvement

With election day fast approaching, I would hope that there is more interest among the registered voters of the city and county to take the time to cast a ballot for the candidate of their choice.

When the candidates campaign, they all manage to come across as ideal people to hold the office they are running for. But does their rhetoric always result in good performance? How many voters actually observe the job performance elected officials already in office do? As for myself, I do watch politicians who are in office, and I would have questions of some.

Though I’m not eligible to vote for Williamsport City Council members, I do run a business in the city. I do watch City Council meetings, and one question I would have of Councilwoman Liz Miele, who is running for re-election, why is she repeatedly tardy for council meetings? In doing so, she generally misses the Invocation, Flag Salute and Roll Call, approval of the minutes and the Limited Courtesy of the Floor. I think she owes an explanation to city voters as to her repeated lateness and for what reason. I don’t necessarily want to rely on the coffee shop conversationalists to know the reason.

That was just one observation I’ve made. Others I’ve made were of politicians who are outside the county and state and local voters would have no interest. I would encourage all registered voters in the city and county to take the time to cast a ballot this election day.

Hugh E. McGee