West Fourth Street in Newberry: Bumpy but better eventually

Driving on West Fourth Street in Williamsport’s West End is, to say the least, an adventure these days.

The street is a maze of potholes, temporary patching, uneven pavement and a detour.

It’s all part of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s overdue $9 million reconstruction project on the street, which includes the relocation and reconstruction of underground utilities. That is already under way.

Early next year, 1.37 miles from the base of Williamsport Area High School’s driveway to the bridge just after the Route 15 interchange will be overhauled, dug up and repaved.

When it’s all completed, the main thoroughfare through Newberry will be in the best condition it has been in decades.

Anxious motorists would be well served to remember that as they endure the next year of the project.