Clean up mess

The annual South Williamsport Mummer’s Parade allows many organizations, businesses and the community to come together an entertain people of all ages. Each year the Parade Committee spends countless hours organizing the mapping out strategies for success and addressing potential issues. Along with this committee police departments, first responders, volunteer safety personnel, parade division organizers and countless others become vital assets to the success of the next year parade.

Often “forgotten” are residents and businesses that open their yards, streets, welcoming others to their community. All of these combined seem to be the recipe for a successful day! However, there is one thing that seems to be a common sadness in parade day, as it is in other parades that communities have.

The concern expressed by many residents and businesses along the parade route is the mess left behind after the parade ends. It truly is a shame for the people and businesses that welcome others into come into their community to be left with the enormous amount of trash left by others!

The parade is for everyone to enjoy and go home with a smile on their face! For the residents and business owners to feel good about their participation in making the parade a enjoyable experience for others. They should not be subject to trash left in their community creating a frown on their face wondering why people do not care anymore about the what condition they leave other people’s property and community in!

William Burget