Downward spiral

For the past 12 years, America has been on a downward spiral. There seems to be little if any respect for each other, our national standards, Constitution, National Anthem and our Flag. Anyone who is wealthy, powerful or making a large salary from the taxpayer’s money, are protesting because they want to remain powerful.

The government, especially the Democrats, seemed to want to protect those citizens who are violent, march in demonstrations that turn destructive, and citizens that have their hand out but do nothing to earn the help from the citizens that work and pay taxes, to the governments so they can receive welfare. At least that is the way it seems

Injustice, if there is such a thing, occurs when some lie to have their revenge or those who break the U.S. laws.

I love this gift God gave me, the United States of America and will do all I can with my words to protect it for the children. For as an adult the children that see and hear me will most definitely follow in my footsteps. Do you believe that is why so many of today’s citizens, who followed in an adult’s footsteps, behave in such a negative manner?

Ida M Temple


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom