Fake news elements on Bergdahl

The story started: Ex-Taliban captive spared from prison. But wait, he wasn’t charged with being a Taliban captive; he was a deserter and that was why he was tried. The story goes on to name him as Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, but wait: He wasn’t a Sergeant when he deserted, he was given promotions as a courtesy because he was thought to be a captive.

This story came from the AP and I have a good idea what the A stands for in this fake new story.

That close to Veterans Day, it was an insult to those who served honorably, especially those who were crippled looking for this piece of trash, to intimate he was captured by the Taliban when he admits he ran away because he didn’t like the orders he was receiving. His Muslim father must be very proud of his and the Judge who gave him this sentence.

I agree with the Commander-in-Chief who stated this man was scum and should have been executed.

Ray Hartman


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