God’s decor

The leaf season is came to a close a few weeks later than it usually does. As I thought about the continuing beauty of the leaves, I was reminded of the complexity and beauty of the world God designed. Those who fail to acknowledge the Great Designer of the Universe do so by rejection of the obvious. Consider a few things that are necessary for us to enjoy the beauty of the fall leaves:

• There have to be trees. This is not a simple matter of the combination of time, space, matter and earth. Just the information needed to produce all of the components of a living tree are enough to leave us in awe, much less that the blueprint is contained in the seed from which it comes.

• The leaves have to die and fall off the tree and then grow again each year. There need to be changes in the seasons — light, temperature and moisture — that all affect the change of colors in the process.

• The rays of light from the sun have to contain different wavelengths that can be detected in the various colors. A black and white Fall would not be so spectacular.

• We have to have eyes to receive the light rays that carry the colors to us. The complexity of the human eye is another magnificent product of the Creator — just the 100 million rods and 6 million to cones to receive the light are the height of complexity.

• Then we need a brain to process the information of light rays received in the eye to convert them into the beautiful pageantry that we see.

• We need the sun to provide the energy that the light provides for photosynthesis and we need to have a precisely placed Planet Earth in the solar system which is tilted at just the right angle in its axis to produce four seasons.

• Finally, trees have to be able to reproduce themselves to make a forest or brilliant participants in Fall’s great splendor.

The Design of the Creator is apparent in every aspect of the world we live in, from the stars and galaxies to the microscopic cells that make up life. As most Americans still think this is obvious, why is it that we continue to indoctrinate our youth from elementary school to the universities that it is all an accident of blind chance?

Why is it illegal in Pennsylvania to mention the Creator in the science classrooms of our state? Why is there censorship of any opposing viewpoints to the theory of evolution? Why don’t we still ‘hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights?’

I hope that those who have imposed this false indoctrination might reconsider their assumptions. If everything appears to have been carefully designed, maybe it really is!

Rev. Glen Bayly