Highway safety

This pertains to the article in the local newspaper which stated traffic fatalities rose 5.6 percent last year. There were 37,461 people killed on our highways last year. The root of this unbelievable statistic is staggering and there is nothing being done in the United States to lower this death toll.

In every newspaper printed in this country everyday, most carry the names and the reason for thousands of drivers who are arrested for speeding, driving while they are drunk or on some sort of drugs. Every state and even out of Washington, D.C., comes up with such lame excuses like when gas prices drop, more people start driving more.

This is poor reasoning.

I guess a lame excuse is better than none in some people’s minds, but they certainly are not in mine and thousands of other drivers who refrain from breaking the laws written for the safety of everyone on our highways, behind the steering wheel of any vehicle or riding as a passenger. Everyone in their right state of mind will agree with me except those who choose to do as they well please, because the fines are too minor.

The majority of drivers could care less because their attitudes are that they own the highways upon which they drive.

That is the root of the massacre taking place on our highways today.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.