Mr. Goodell

Open letter to Commissioner Roger Goodell, and the NFL:

As a fan of NFL: football I was shocked to see the actions of team players refusing to stand for our national anthem. As an American, I am disturbed by their refusal to show due respect, and as a military veteran I am outraged and offended by that gross lack of respect.

Americans love football, and we recognize each individual’s right to express their opinions, but we also reserve the right to object to those opinions when they offend us, and offend us they have with this inane and disrespectful slight to our national anthem, our flag, and our country. We care not if you disagree with our president, but he did not create the problems you perceive, and he is our president and deserves respect.

We, the fans, buy tickets to the games, pay to view the games on television, and buy the jerseys, so in essence we pay them to play the games. And we want to see them play the game, not disrespect that which we hold so dear, and what so many fought and died to preserve.

These players are millionaires who have little if any concept of the life the average person lives. Few players have ever served in the military. Their wealth continues to increase by selling their signatures and expanding their endorsements. Now you and many of the owners and coaches are supporting these millionaire prima donnas in their protests of unfairness in this country! Why have there been no player protests against domestic violence, dog fighting, rape, shooting of law enforcement officers, or the “black-on-black crime” rampant in almost every major city in our country.

The NFL: has chosen to ignore or done little to those players who violate the law. For most fans, committing the type of crimes previously listed would result in long periods of incarceration, fines that would take years to pay, and possible, if not probable, loss of a job.

The NFL: has fined players for such trivial issues as wearing different colored cleats to raise awareness for mental disorders and domestic violence. They have also had players remove t-shirts and eye black that highlighted their faith or breast cancer awareness. They have refused to allow helmet decals to honor police officers killed in the line of duty, or cleats that commemorated the events of 9/11. Now you are telling us the NFL: supports free speech and dishonoring our flag, our national anthem, and our military are of less concern to you than the color of cleats! Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

We, the fans of NFL: football, recognize and support the right of freedom of speech, but we take exception to the venue during which this protest is occurring, and to the disrespect toward the very core of why and how this right has been accorded. If you and the NFL: can dictate the color of cleats and what can be displayed on the bodies and uniforms of your players, then you assure that they show the respect that our national anthem and flag deserves. Until that happens, I will no longer support NFL: football, either by watching or listening to games, or by wearing any apparel or displaying any logo’s that indicates my favorite team.

S. Wesley Waldron

Trout Run

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom