Sidewalk, other issues

I see a smart judge is not giving Mr. Sandusky a chance for a new trial or dismissal of the charges against. Hurrah for that judge! I wish Mrs. Sandusky were in jail right next to her jerk husband! You can’t convince me that she didn’t know what was going on.

I’m glad that PennDOT is repairing West Fourth Street finally. No one should have to travel a road as bad as that one has become.

The weather has been so fine that I have taken a lot of little rides toward the eastern part of our beautiful city and have noticed that most of Market Street from Grampian Boulevard to West Fourth Street, the sidewalks are horrible. Imagine having to ride on the sidewalks that are broken, crumbling and very uneven when you have a bad back and can’t walk very well. That is why I ride in the streets. If I were those people who own those homes, I’d be ashamed to have anyone walk, let alone ride on my sidewalk.

The bike riders don’t seem to know that there are rules for them regarding riding on the sidewalks. Police ride right past them. I’m wondering if the police have tunnel vision? I think that there should be the bike rules posted in the paper often, even though I know those people can’t read, maybe someone will read the rules to those fools. I’ve said enough for today.

Gretchen H. Kennedy