The real heroes

As I sat among 70 armed forces Veterans being honored for service to their country by 780 students and facility at Loyalsock Schick elementary, I realized I was a fraud. I was sitting with real heroes who had been in harms way; I served in peacetime. People who preferred to forget some of their experiences while I enjoyed remembering all the wonderful places I have been and the people I was fortunate to meet. The friends I lost were due to illnesses or traffic accidents, not felled by hostile fire.

I was among real heroes being honored by the same. The teachers doing a thankless job. The students doing their best to gain the knowledge necessary to see them through this world. The single parent doing what they do best by sacrificing for their children – these are the real heroes. A Williamsport police officer was among the veterans being honored – a hero twice over doing dangerous work, just changed uniforms.

A school district that placed actions above words in showing our next generation what it is to be thankful and appreciative, these are the real heroes. The 1st through 5th graders doing with professionals find so difficult to do, standing at attention showing respect to out National Anthem. Those are the real heroes, the empty seats for the killed or missing in action. Too many tears shed by too many heroes. The land of the free because of the brave.

I wish to also thank my fellow veterans and am honored to be counted among you. I was just doing a job I was proud to do just like so many other people. I am just a small thread in the fabric that is America. So thank you for the accolades and honor Schick Elementary but remember, we are all heroes.

CTT1 Joe Farley

Retired United States Navy