Thieving politicians

I guess I must have missed the docking of the U S S Clueless in Harrisburg ! I heard that the crew was acting like drunken sailors and masquerading as politicians! According to reports from several sources the thieves in Harrisburg want to tax every Pennsylvania family $280.

Don’t these morons get it? You can’t suck blood out of a rock! First our esteemed county commissioners reached into our pockets for a new $5.00 per vehicle tax for bridge and road repair. Hello! If you didn’t take the environmental impact fee from the gas companies and build housing you’d have money for bridge and road repair. And I guess the aforementioned sailors saw a truck or 2 from the gas companies driving around and want to stop their recovery in Pennsylvania in its tracks.

I may as well mention the ever greedy school districts who can’t ever make due on what they have. I mean, when they don’t raise taxes I quickly check my pulse.

I remember Fast Eddie Rendell promising every residential property owner will get a 50 percent reduction in property taxes if we gave him gambling. Hey, Eddie, still waiting! We were also promised when the same sailors raised our gas tax to the highest in the country that every penny would go to bridge and road repair.

Well, we found out last year in an investigative report that half goes to fund the obscene pensions for the keystone cops. How many Pennsylvanians even earn as much as those lucrative pensions?

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Washington. They spent us into a $20 trillion debt but that isn’t enough. They want to raise that again. Both sides of the aisle are guilty. Everyone who voted to raise the debt ceiling should be dressed in prison stripes and perp-walked down Pennsylvania Avenue.

I’m afraid none of the thieves, whether local, state, or national, get it. We may need a do over or revolt. It is obscene and if not criminally negligent morally negligent that our elected employees are spending our grandchildren and great-grandchildren’s legacies.

Michael Gohrig


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