Understanding Trump’s supporters

The letter “To the Point” addressed a response that I wrote to a diatribe lamenting the inability to figure out President Trump’s supporters. In his most recent letter, The letter writer failed to address any of the reasons that Trump supporters support him.

To answer his latest question, “What, if anything, can we do now?”, the answer is nothing. The assertion that he is “immature, combative, impulsive, vindictive, retaliatory and thereby temperamentally unfit for the office” is an opinion. Although Trump has his faults, it’s refreshing to have someone in office who doesn’t bow to the media and rogue nations. It’s great to have someone who is proud of the U.S. and will stand up for its citizens. It’s wonderful to see a president who has no problem calling out members of his own party. And it’s fantastic to see the economy growing because investors have confidence in his leadership.

Mike Kerstetter


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom