A great influence

In November, I was simply dropping my things off at the Loyalsock Recycling Center with my dog “Tuner” in my car.

As I attempted to bring my bag of plastics, a young girl with a Bishop Neumann school uniform, told me to wait at the bottom of the step and she would help me.

I thanked her and went back to my car to get my newspapers and magazines only to find her insisting on carrying everything for me.

The first thing I thought was that I must look old and needed help. At that point, her grandmother came to introduce herself and her granddaughter to me.

The student asked if I saw her picture in the newspaper the day before and I did recognize her and the article on Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

We talked further and then she wanted to meet my dog.

She also mentioned that she had a saxophone and then I invited her for a store tour.

A week later she spent 2 hours visiting each department and playing all the instruments.

To our surprise, while she was playing at the organ, her principal walked in and asked what she was doing and she explained.

He was somewhat familiar with our meeting since I did report the kind and generous behavior toward a stranger, the previous week at the school office.

During the tour, she met my granddaughter and they had a conversation.

As she was leaving the store, she stopped and told my granddaughter that she was “Her New Best Friend”.

I feel the combination of being a student at Bishop Neumann and a member of Big Brothers, Big Sisters had a great influence on her behavior. These programs are sponsored by the Catholic Social Services of the Diocese of Scranton and are servicing many people in our area.

Carol Sides


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom