Bad sidewalks

In the Dec. 16th edition, I read that Williamsport City Council was surprised that the Codes Department’s decision was to make home owners repair or replace their sidewalks.

I think it is always time to get after homeowners to fix their properties and that means sidewalks too!

What do they think the sidewalks are there for? People have to use the sidewalks daily to get where they are going.

When sidewalks become impossible, then it is time to replace or fix them so no one can fall or slip on them and sue them.

I have a scooter which I now have to ride in the street instead of the sidewalks because they are so bad.

My back and other joints will not take the jarring they get on those horrible sidewalks.

I need to get outside in the air and the stores when I have to.

This has given me so much freedom.

There are others besides myself who have the same problems with the negligence of property owners. Frankly, I wish the property owners could take a ride in a scooter on wheelchair on their own sidewalks to see what I am talking about.

So please, please, City Council, do not just shelve this issue and then forget it.

We need good sidewalks as December hits the streets in Williamsport.

Gretchen Kennedy


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom