Free pass? Hardly

In response to “Double Standard,” the letter writer laments that Republican Roy Moore seems to be getting a free pass from Republicans with regard to his alleged sexual dalliances with underage girls nearly 40 years ago, while they lower the boom on Al Franken, Harvey Weinstein, and the rest. He states Republicans in Alabama are making excuses in defense of Moore’s reprehensible behavior. I seem to recall the Dems doing the same thing when Bill Clinton’s sexual shenanigans came to light. It wasn’t just the consensual fornication from which they were defending him. There were also alleged cases of unwanted groping, exposure, and at least one case of forced rape. Hillary Clinton, who always said that abused women should be believed, dismissed the accusations as “bimbo eruptions.”

As for the Moore case, I don’t have a dog in this race. I’d just as soon someone else step up and take his place, but that won’t happen, and he isn’t going to win. I am curious as to the writer’s consternation over the Alabama electorate’s hypocrisy in continuing to support Moore. Is it any worse than the hypocrisy demonstrated by Massachusetts in continuing to elect the Hero of Chappaquiddick as their senator? Republicans in the Senate have called for Moore to step aside, beginning with the Majority Leader.

Didn’t many of our own local Republicans stay home a few years ago, and not vote for the Republican Congressman who got a “back rub” from a woman other than his wife? As for the voters of Alabama, we have to let them slide. You may recall that they haven’t been Republicans for as long as some folks, so they’re not used to the rule that Dems can circle the wagons to protect a reprobate, but the GOP can’t. The fact is, back when the alleged shenanigans are said to have taken place, Moore himself was a Democrat.

Ken Robertson


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