Grandparents breakfast

Dec. 16 was a special day at Salladasburg Elementary School for Grandparents Day. Two weeks to plan and put together a breakfast. A huge thank you to all the sponsors for this event. The time slat of the breakfast was from 7 to 8:30 a.m.

A huge thank you to the cafeteria staff plus the extra help from the Sr. High School cafeteria staff. Our two district area schools of Avis and Salladasburg could handle this breakfast event for the grandparents in for the first time.

What a success it was. It sure brought the community together and great to see so many people in support to our grandchildren. The sponsors are to let commended for this generosity shown to our community. We are appreciative to all of you.

Nearly 400 breakfasts at Salladasburg were served to student and grandparents. It was a community reunion our grandchildren won’t forget.

To show the love, care, concern and support for our community at such a busy time of the year, hunting season and the Christmas season.

Thank you to the Salladasburg Elementary PTO, school staff, school board and the district office to have approved this grandparents breakfast.

Thank you to the janitor who cleaned up after us!

Thank you to the sponsors who put forth the effort at this time to lift our spirits and to acknowledge the family unit in this community.

It was greatly appreciated and the memories our grandchildren now have of spent time at school with their grandparents or another loved one or a family member or a teacher to sit with a student.

It was truly a huge success and you gave from your hearts to do this breakfast. Merry Christmas and God bless you and a healthy New Year “sponsors” for this community of Salladasburg – a country school we are and proud of what we have here.

Betty Hall

Jersey Shore


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom