Progressive tax system unfair

A couple of local left-leaning letter authors express their support for the progressive tax system and oppose any reduction in the tax rate for those in the upper-income levels. They like to tell us that it hurts those on the other end of the scale, even though the bottom 47 percent pay no federal income tax. Their argument is that the higher income individuals have benefitted more from the system and so should happy to pay more.

Let’s apply the progressive system to another application. One of the recent authors is an MD, so we’ll use him as an example. We both need a truck. The new truck costs $40,000. The doctor makes $200,000/yr and I make $50,000. Since I make 1/4 of what the doctor makes, I should only pay 1/4 of the trucks cost and the Dr. should make up the rest. I should pay $10,000 and he should make up the difference and pay $70,000 for his truck.

Isn’t that the fair way to do it? After all, the doctor has benefitted more from the system and should be grateful to give back to the rest of us. He’s profited from the misfortune of ill and injured people, right?

Still think the progressive system is fair?

Mike Kerstetter


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom