Starting to wake up

I realize that people are starting to wake up when they see the sidewalks and everyone has a different thought about them.

I still think that even though property owners really can’t do anything about their horrible sidewalks before spring, they need to think about how to improve those walkways so that they don’t have so much to do again later .

Walkways can be picked up and the dirt underneath spread out evenly and the walk replaced. in case of uneven sidewalks. Where trees are concerned, a tree surgeon will know what to do without removing the tree. There are so many ways to fix the problem unless the walk is totally destroyed, which of course you’ll have to replace it.

Sidewalks were installed so people could get from one place to another without getting their feet muddy and wet from snow, etc.

Today, we do need to use the walks, but if they are in bad shape, then we are religated to the streets.

We would rather be safe when we go anywhere, but if the sidewalks are unsafe then we can’t.

Please, Please don’t gripe about having to replace or fix your sidewalk, just take a walk and you’ll see what I mean.

Gretchen Kennedy


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