Startling conclusion

It’s clear from “the news” that President Trump is now promoting NASA missions to Mars during his first term.

His motivation, it might be suggested, is based not only in scientific curiosity.

How so?

Remarkably enough, a great many people who voted for Trump in 2016, still support him, and believe that the investigations of possible collusion of his campaign with the Russians will “come to nothing” are believed to be living on the Red Planet.

Their numbers, I have reason to believe, are even larger than the tens of millions who showed up for his Inaugural Address almost a year ago.

Some of these well-intentioned citizens are running out of canned goods and bottled water. Some believe that the Republicans’ tax-reform law will benefit them, but first they need to get back to their accountants’ offices.

Some miss their children inordinately.

Some are simply homesick for Mother Earth, its general chaos notwithstanding.

How have I come to this startling conclusion?

Quite simply, I have asked a good many residents here in Lycoming County to predict the fate of the 45th president’s administration and have listened carefully to their responses, after which I have most often been tempted to express a certain skepticism.

In many cases, I have been reckless enough to say something like “You must be living on Mars.”

I hope what I have been doing is not un-American.

H.C. (Harry) Nash


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