The real problem

In the letter “Wrong Emphasis,” the writer tries to explain the difference between a gun and truck. It’s not the truck that is the problem when someone’s license to drive is revoked; it’s alcohol! If the driver in question had refrained from imbibing to excess, no crime would have been committed!

Likewise, with respect to firearms, it’s not the gun that is the problem, it’s the mindset of the offender. Problem is, we can’t legislate away those things that drive an individual to commit a crime with a gun; unless we’re willing to implement a truly frightening police state in which people’s thoughts and impulses are strictly limited and controlled (as in, say, North Korea), we can’t control what people think and feel. In the United States, one is free to think and feel anything one wishes. It’s when those thoughts and feelings are put to action at the business end of a firearm that things get dicey.

The government does, in fact, ban “illegal trucks.” There are many laws that govern the construction, licensing, and operation of all manner of motor vehicles. Those vehicles that fail to pass muster are not allowed on our streets and highways.

Some guns are, in fact, illegal. Sawed-off shotguns, fully-automatic machine guns, “daisy cutters,” MOABs, and nuclear weapons are banned for use by the public, as is any weapon of any caliber that is obtained by illegal means.

The efforts of those who wish to curtail illegal use of firearms are intended to do just that – limit access to firearms to those who will not misuse them. It’s not the gun, it’s the mindset of the individual who wishes to obtain one. It’s not the truck, it’s the alcohol. I support the Second Amendment to the Constitution. I do not support giving firearms to those who wish to destroy others, our country, or our way of life. It’s not the amendment; it’s the problem of those who wish to do away with any or all of us, and what we stand for!

Stanley Gould


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom