Trump’s role

It seems almost a daily event, a prominent and powerful man falls from his position when his abusive behavior towards women comes to light. Just a couple credible accusations are enough to bring a man down. But what about the Abuser in Chief?

President Donald Trump has been recorded boasting about groping and kissing women without their consent. He claims that, “They let you do it” is the same as their agreeing.

But of course it isn’t. It just means he doesn’t care that they are cowed by his status and aggressiveness, afraid, or embarrassed and don’t want to make a fuss.

It shows that he doesn’t care about the difference between consent and intimidation.

Mr. Trump has been accused of spousal rape and violent behavior by his ex-wife Ivana. In 2017 he was sued by a woman who said he had sex with her when she was thirteen.

Ms. Trump later softened her story and the other woman dropped her lawsuit saying she had received threats and feared for her life.

We all know that a man with Donald Trump’s power and wealth has the ability to make such charges go away, even if they are well-founded.

At least 18 women, including his ex-wife, have publicly accused Mr. Trump of sexual conduct that is inappropriate, aggressive, assaultive, or downright violent.

He and his spokesmen have asserted, often in insulting tweets, that all these women are lying, but none of the claims of the women who say they were his victims has ever actually been investigated.

He has used insulting sexual language in tweets intended to disparage women in politics who oppose him.

When Democrat Bill Clinton was called on the carpet for having extra-marital sex with a 22 year-old consenting woman, our Republican congress spent months, and millions of taxpayer dollars investigating him, and even tried to impeach him.

Now we have a Republican majority Congress and a Republican president, and there isn’t a hint of any investigation.

Mr. Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters don’t care. They are for him, right or wrong. However, most Americans do care, and want to know the truth.

Are the Republicans in congress going to try to ignore the problem, hoping it will somehow go away?

Are they going to try to pass off these accusations the way women’s reports of abuse so often are? “She was really asking for it.” “She’s just after money.” “She’s just after publicity.” “She’s making a fuss over nothing.”

Are they afraid of confronting Mr. Trump? Or is it just that they have a flexible moral standard-what’s not permitted for a Democrat is OK for a Republican?

Arno Vosk MD


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom