Unfair argument

It cannot be argued that city sidewalks add to the look and feel of neighborhoods and also are a great aid to pedestrians in getting around our city.

That being said, I read your recent article on the city sidewalks seven year program with great interest .

I am not a lawyer, and I never played one on TV, but I am someone well read in 3rd Class City Code as well as Williamsport City ordinances.

I can tell you that although 3rd class city code allows cities to adopt ordinances to compel the construction of sidewalks the City has never passed an ordinance (that means “law” for those of you from Rio Linda), compelling the same. We have ordinances compelling the maintenance of sidewalks, if they exist, with penalties of $25.00 a day and 30 days in prison for each day a sidewalk is not repaired or reconstructed, which in itself could actually be a life sentence if someone refused to repair his/her sidewalk. (City Ordinances Article 905)

And, according to the ordinance, (City Ordinance Article 905.05), the supervision of a sidewalk reconstruction or maintenance program falls under the “Engineering Department” which doesn’t exist .

My advice to City Council, were I in any position to give any, would be that casinos would be a better source of revenue than permit fees for sidewalk maintenance, and to get your legal ducks in order before hitting the streets with your 7-year program. If not, then don’t be surprised to see all of us homeowners digging up our sidewalks and planting grass.

Bill Hall


Submitted by E-Mail