You can look it up

Years ago, in question and answer sessions with reporters, Casey Stengel, the legendary manager of the New York Yankees and New York Mets, would say, “You can look it up” in order to validate his answers.

I suggest Mr. Armin Feger of Muncy Valley do the same.

Mr. Feger’s letter to the Sun Gazette criticized me and the paper for my letter regarding President Trump. He suggests I was being “dishonest, made up my own facts, and was framing a person to destroy his character and reputation”.

I didn’t make any of this up – the facts and quotes I mentioned came from an extensive profile of Trump in Vanity Fair magazine done in 1990.

You can look it up!

Mr. Feger wrote I was trying to destroy Trump’s character.


This is a man that just supported a senate candidate in Alabama that was banned from a mall and spent years stalking teenage girls.

You can look it up!

John Young


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom