While perusing my Facebook feed, I came across a shared post from Eldred Township Supervisor Cody Hoover stating the board of supervisors was taking up the issue of fire protection for its 2,200 residents.

Now, as a former member and officer of Eldred Township Volunteer Fire Company, I find it bemusing because the other two Township Supervisors, Ken Bower and Mark Ranck, are lifetime members of the fire company.

If the fire protection provided by their own township’s fire company is so dissatisfactory, it seems to me that Supervisors Bower and Ranck would resign their memberships in the fire company.

Supervisor Hoover says fire protection is on the township’s agenda for Feb. 7 at 7 p.m.

Be there. Bring popcorn.

Jennifer Lunt

Formerly of Eldred Township

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom