Doubting a sweep

Another Republican congressman has announced his retirement from public office and is not seeking re-election in 2018. Pundits on the left are gloating that the climate is unfavorable in 2018 for Republican candidates.

On the surface that sounds like it is true; historically the opposing party sweeps in during off year elections causing a shift of the politics in Washington D.C. But I don’t think one can apply the ‘norms’ to politics any more.

The cynic in me cannot help but see something else. After the sweeping tax cuts that the Republicans rammed through by the narrowest of partisan margins, I see a bunch of wealthy Republican politicians who have finally got what they have wanted since getting elected into office. With a huge tax cut for themselves and their businesses, they personally have nothing left to fight for.

They have achieved what they came to do in D.C.

After saving Christmas, the only things left for the remaining Republicans is to ban all abortions and contraceptives and to ban the legal marriage rights of homosexuals.

How do I know this? The answer is easy it is what Republican voters say they want which is why they would vote for someone like Ray Moore. He was vehemently against abortion and gay rights and the Republican voters in Alabama like that about him very much.

I do not think Republicans have that much to worry about – their base is very loyal. Republicans are a very diligent and reliable voting block, Democrats are not known for showing up to vote in off year elections.

Democrats can lose interest between now and November if they do not remain engaged.

I would like to see a huge Democratic Party sweep, but, to be honest, I have my doubts. I know that people say they are disgusted with what is going on in Washington, but are they disgusted enough to go and vote? We shall see.

I believe that the voters have retired from the political process before any one in D.C. did.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom