Our pet and Dr. Laura

This is a love story — a love story that could be written by countless people — really, anyone with a beloved pet.

When we adopted Sadie, a tiny little Beagle pup, we had dreams of years and years of faithful companionship, love, endless kisses and forever tail wagging. For 13 years, our hearts were stolen by this sweet puppy-like little girl. She, like most people’s pets, was there when we woke up every morning and when we went to sleep every night, ready for another day of love. Always excited beyond measure to be fed, treats were really special to our Sadie. Life was so good.

One day, shortly before Christmas, Sadie started experiencing trouble breathing. Off to the vet we went, hoping for the magic pill to make her all well. We find something’s wrong with her lungs. After a few days, the medications didn’t seem to be working. She’s breathing hard and the simple pleasures of her life aren’t so special anymore. Back to the veterinarians we’ve entrusted to the care of our pets. Dr. Laura Williams met us on this second trip. X-rays revealed almost no air exchange in Sadie’s lungs. After holding Sadie, reading the grave concerns on our faces and seeing the sweetness in Sadie’s eyes, Dr. Laura asked if she could keep Sadie overnight to provide her with intensive treatment. I mean Sadie was very young for having troubles like this. As owners living on social security though, cost is always something to be thinking about. But Dr. Laura insisted she would work with us with any financial concerns.

Over the next two days, Dr. Laura and her team of vets and technicians worked tirelessly, even with Herculean effort, to save our sweet Sadie. IV’s, x-rays, pills, pills, pills. But alas, Sadie was being called to Heaven and while holding her in our arms she was finally at peace and she succumbed.

We wanted to let the people of Williamsport know that the team of doctors and technicians at the Animal Hospital on the Golden Strip in Loyalsock is a place of absolute care, love and refuge for owners and their pets. Dr. Laura did something we’ve always searched for — she deeply cared for our Sadie and other pet family as if they were her own.

For always, we will miss Sadie yet we thank everyone caring for Sadie from the Animal Hospital. For Dr. Laura, we are eternally grateful that she found her way into our lives and our hearts.

John and Patti Thebus