Change needed

Recently a news item complimented our three County Commissioners and I strongly agree.

We all need to be active in the political process; we should not assume that others will do this for us. This past year, I attended protest rallies, called and mailed many letters to my representatives at the federal and state levels, and attended 3 or 4 County Commissioners’ meetings. What was noticeable and notable is the difference in treatment of their constituents by our County Commissioners compared to our federal representative in the House, Mr. Tom Marino.

When I attended the County Commissioners’ meetings, they made me feel welcome. They listened to me, asked questions, and politely listened to my replies. They consistently provided background and explained their processes to constituents attending the meetings. After the meetings they shook hands with those of us attending and thanked us for coming. I felt comfortable exchanging ideas with our representatives at the county level. Party affiliation appeared to be irrelevant to the 3 Commissioners; what mattered was that we were all concerned with the well-being of constituents in this county and beyond.

In comparison, I visited Mr. Marino’s office in Williamsport 2-3 times in the hope of meeting with him so that I could ask questions about his policy positions. Many other constituents have been to his office and requested a meeting, preferably a town hall meeting to provide an opportunity for all of his constituents to hear his views and express concerns. While I have written several letters to Mr. Marino, I have received only form replies in response. Perhaps this is because I’m not a constituent who can contribute a lot of money to his election campaign. He has resisted meeting with his constituents for months now, and there has there been no town hall meeting to date. This is not how democracy should work. He does not belong in a position representing us in the House of Representatives because he has made no attempt to hear our views. We can do better.

Mr. Marino should take a lesson from our County Commissioners on how democracy should work.

Linda Morris


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom