District maps equal treason

In the Jan. 25 edition, Rep. Tom Marino is quoted as saying “…look at my district and others. It is a relatively proportionate district.” Let’s take a look at Tom’s district. It looks like Maui’s magic fish hook and runs from west of Harrisburg north through the mountains to the New York border then hooks around Wyoming county and proceeds south, through a series of convolutions to avoid Carbondale and Scranton, to part of Monroe county with a little fish hook at the end.

He’s right in that it is one of the more proportional districts in Pennsylvania. The 12th district looks like a dumbbell. The 6th district looks like a boomerang and the 7th district has been compared to Goofy kicking Donald Duck. While the majority of the votes in the last election cast were for Democrats, the majority of representatives elected were Republican. President Trump was right, the election was fixed.

The founding fathers set this country up as a democratic republic, not a Republican democracy. Some of my Republican friends say that this is just smart politics, but I call it treason. Elections should be a contest of ideas, not who has the best software and ability to fix the election.

Republicans make a great deal of the sanctity of the vote when it comes to denying people this right then they calmly make Democratic votes worth 3/5 of theirs. Minority rule may look great if you are part of the ruling minority but it has never worked out well for the majority, minority or the democracy.

Richard Tobin


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom