Elect pro-life governor

Some great victories have been won last year for unborn babies. Harrisburg’s Hillcrest abortion facility has closed after an inspection uncovered numerous violations, unsanitary conditions, expired medicines, no registered nurse on staff, etc. But Planned Parenthood still operates a drug-induced facility there.

When the “House of Horrors” run by Hermit Gosnell was discovered, they found unqualified staff operating in unsanitary conditions with baby body parts and blood all over because facilities had not been inspected for 17 years due to former Govs. Ridge and Rendell.

The PA Pro-Life Federation then advocated for a law that would prevent anything like that from happening again. Act 122 required that abortion facilities meet the same health and safety standards as ambulatory surgery centers. Five abortion centers closed after that law went into effect because they could not, or would not, protect women with minimum standards.

President Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy which stops funding for abortion overseas. He spoke at the March for Life Rally in Washington and is the first President to do this in many years. Vice President Pence spoke last year.

This is an election year for governor. Tom Wolf has an extreme pro-abortion position. He opposes the defunding of Planned Parenthood despite their alleged cover-up of the sexual abuse of minors and shoddy abortion center safety record and the sale of baby body parts. We must elect a pro-life governor if we care about the unborn babies being murdered every day in our state and in our country. Democratic Sen. Bob Casey’s voting history is 100 percent pro-abortion and will also be replaced this year. A pro-life victory in this race would increase the size of the pro-life contingent in the U.S. Senate. Please vote for pro-life candidates. There were 30,000 abortions last year in Pennsylvania alone.

Dorothy Koontz