My reaction to your article today, “Marino Talks Redistricting, Government Shutdown,” is outrage. The fact Rep. Marino claims District 10 is “relatively proportionate” is unbelievable. Proportionate to what? It is larger than the state of Connecticut, is made up of all or parts of 15 counties. It requires 4 hours of driving from one end to the other and has been designed to cut out meaningful numbers of Democratic voters. Recently my husband and I would have liked to attend the only public meeting that Marino has appeared at in over a year. It would have taken us 2.5 hours each way and since we would not arrive home until midnight, we decided not to attend. As it is, when we travel to Lake Ariel for our representative’s closest regional office, it takes 1.3 hours to find the door locked to us. His large win in 2016 was not because, “…a large number of Democrats supported [him].” Pennsylvania’s legislative district map has been cited repeatedly as one of the most egregious examples of gerrymandering in the country and I am sure my representative knows this and is unhappy with the prospect of having to listen to constituents of different stripes and having to deliver equal representation to constituents.

Barbara Scott

Susquehanna County

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