Taxpayers, pay attention to what is coming your way. You think MS13 (gangs out of South America) are bad; wait until you see what MS4 out of Pennsylvania has in store for you over the next five years, and odds are, it will only go up after that.

As a Hepburn Township supervisor, I, along with my colleagues Joseph Hamm and Oscar Schon, have great concerns for taxpayers in our community.

Example: MS4 wants to tax Hepburn Township $866,525 over a five year period. Break that down and the cost would be $173,305 per year, or to put it another way, we would have to raise property taxes approximately 121 percent to meet this unfunded mandate put on us by DEP.

What is this for you ask? It is to clean up the Chesapeake Bay Area. The facts as I understand them are the pollutants are coming from York and Lancaster counties, not from Lycoming County. The pollutants from our area are from woods and fields, which is a natural phenomenon, not man-made. We can not control the amount of rain that washes phosphors and other pollutants into our streams. That is only natural.

The information on other municipalies and how they will be affected are as in the following format: Municipality — Five Year — Per Year.

Duboistown — $475,000 — $95,000

South williamsport — $721,050 — $144,210

Fairfield Township — $3,542,000 — $708,400

Loyalsock Township — $9,234,500 — $1,846,900

Lycoming Township — $594,550 — $118,910

Montoursville — $4,427,500 — $885,500

Old Lycoming Township — $4,174,500 — $834,900

Penn College — $790,675 — $158,125

Williamsport — $20,619,500 — $4,123,900

This will take $45,445,750 from our local economy. Yes folks, that is 45 plus million dollars. The population has been on a decline in our area for some time. We cannot afford this type of hit. I suggest every taxpayer attend your local meetings and demand answers. Contact your state representatives. We need to get this taxation stopped or at the very least slowed down. Keep in mind, this is only our area. Other areas are affected. If municipalities do not pay these assessments, heavy fines are levied and the above amounts still have to be paid.

All property taxes will be affected. Muncy just raised property taxes about 11 percent and Lycoming County just raised property taxes about 13 percent. Enough is enough! Our retired, elderly and lower income property owners have a limit. Many are strapped as it is. This is government out of control.

Robert D. Fesemyer Jr.

Cogan Station