The difference between wants and needs

Charles Reeder seems to be confused about the difference between wants and needs. I have stated that all that is needed to live is water, basic food, basic shelter and basic clothing, which is true. I have further stated (I incorrectly wrote democratic principles when what I meant to say principles of the Democratic Party) that the principle of taxing the rich is something to which I do not subscribe.

Somewhere in those two statements, Charles came up with the idea that I was implying the rich need more to live.

It’s really a case of simple economics. If you can provide the four basics to live, you are not poor. If you are buying things other than the basics, but are complaining that you can’t afford to “live”, your priorities are wrong.

If the taxpayers are supporting you by providing the basics, you shouldn’t be buying other “stuff”. Taxing the rich so that others can enjoy a ‘normal standard of living’ is wrong. It’s socialism and wealth redistribution.

Mike Kerstetter


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom