A weakness

It is sad in this country of ours when one of our Presidents has to stoop so low as to join the flow of other countries of the world such as Russia, North Korea, and China, whose purpose is to show the world how mighty they are militarily.

Is this necessary considering the cost, the risk and the purpose for which it is intended? What good does such an act prove, that they are mighty and should prove it to the world? It is down right ridiculous.

When I see the likes of leaders from Russia, China and North Korea putting on their display of might, I think why do these countries put so much money and emphasis on their military while thousands of their citizens are homeless and starving.

Let them have their parades so they can show off their muscles.

Our country should not stoop to the low standards that other countries seem to thrive on by flexing their might instead of promoting peace and harmony throughout the world.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.