Give him 10 minutes

If you don’t already know your congressman, Tom Marino, and you have the opportunity to meet him, it should only take a few questions to know clearly where he comes from. You’ll find that he is knowledgeable, experienced, sagacious and transparent.

Just as I am writing this I hear him on open lines on the radio. He attempts to inform his constituents about what he is doing in Washington and why. He’s got a difficult job at times, dealing with liberals whose precepts are not aligned with the Constitution. Tom knows how to acquiesce those across the aisle.

When I was a youngster and a Boy Scout, I owed 10 cents at every meeting for dues. It is no different with our congressman. You’d be surprised to know that he owes thousands to keep the party satisfied and it is a burden. He runs back and forth to Washington frequently to be on time in Congress and to be on time for meetings. He truly represents his constituents. He has written bills, one more recently on term limits, which is long overdue.

Congressman Marino is a family man who is straightforward and succinct when he answers your questions. You may need only 10 minutes to get to know him. Put this all together with his knowledge, experience, seniority and loyalty to his constituents, what more could one ask for to represent them.

Alan Cohick

Cogan Station