Parkland backdrop

President Obama, AG Holder and Secretary Duncan created the Promise Program because they thought student arrests impacted minorities disproportionally. The Promise Program offered extra federal funds to schools that reduced the number of student arrests. In other words, political correctness reinforced with money.

Broward County School District hired a superintendent from the Chicago School District, Robert Runcie. He was a friend of Arnie Duncan, Obama’s Secretary of Education. He is a lifetime Democrat and activist. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is also a Democrat and activist. They cleaned house and hired only loyal Democrats to work in the Broward County. The Broward School District and Sheriff’s Office adopted the Promise Program. The idea was that the police would not arrest students and would allow the school district to handle all cases.

Broward County Sheriff’s Office put a School Resource Officer on site at Parkland, Scot Peterson. He was armed and a full deputy. His primary role, however, was to ensure troublesome students were not arrested and processed, but handed over to the school for disciplinary action. Stolen items were documented as “found” without identifying the student who owned the locker containing the stolen items.

This “no-arrest” policy expanded to outside the school as well. No Broward student could be arrested, even if they tried to kill another person.

That is why, when the Broward County Sheriff’s Office was called 45 times to the shooter’s home for his violent behavior and physical attacks on other people, they never arrested him and never made a record of it. .

As a result of this dramatic drop in arrests over several years, Broward County School District was given lots of money for its “progress”….political correctness.

If the shooter had been properly arrested and processed for any one of the multiple felonies he committed over the 4 years leading up to the shooting, he then would have been prevented from buying a firearm. His mental illness would have been identified and he would have received treatment instead of being ignored and given a pass.

The entire incident could have been prevented. This is all documented and supported. The problem is not the NRA, but politically-correct decisions.

Erik Latranyi


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom