Pro-life political party

Some new things have come to light concerning Planned Parenthood that should be exposed. Cecil Richards, outgoing President of Planned Parenthood and friend of President Obama made this statement: “Christian doctors should be forced to do abortions.” These are the kind of people in charge of this organization who say that the unborn baby has no rights, only the mother.

In California, pro-life pregnancy centers must now advertise for abortion clinics and refer women to them. Also, they just passed legalization stating colleges can give abortion-inducing drugs. What else can we expect from such a liberal state?

Several weeks ago there was a pro-life bill that passed the House of Representatives called “The Pain Capable Unborn Protection Act,” which would outlaw abortions after 16 weeks. It’s been proven through ultra sound that babies suffer extreme pain in abortion. As an act of mercy, this bill was introduced by the Republicans. In the Senate, it did not pass because of 2 Republicans who voted against it. They were Collins of Maine and Markowski of Alaska. Some day they will want mercy. The Republican P)arty has been pro-life and we need to keep it that way.

Dorothy Koontz