The real facts

The real facts about the dire state of Bureau of Prison staffing are easy to find; there is no way they can be denied and most of all the truth is far from the official “story”. The 6,000-plus vacant positions are not “unfunded” and they have not been vacant for “years”. These “vacant” positions at USP Lewisburg and FCC Allenwood became vacant when the Attorney General placed a hiring freeze on the BOP in Jan of 2017.

The last staff to be hired at Lewisburg was in Oct 2016. This decrease in staff is completely due to the hiring freeze. These vacancies were due to retirements, transfers, promotions and resignations. Nationwide over 100 staff are retiring per month from the BOP, an all-time high and due to the hiring freeze, augmentation and operating on a continuing resolution. Almost all departments are feeling the effects of this hiring freeze.

The issues in doing more with less, not knowing where or when you may work each day and combine that with the possibility of shutdowns and not getting paid on time make this a job many no longer wish to make the sacrifices for. Meanwhile in the last 30 days, 98 of the last 100 promotions nationwide were to fill management positions. Many of these upper level promotions are cross country “paid moves” that cost the BOP upwards of $100k each!

The unwritten BOP rule is that if you want to promote you have to move – shouldn’t it always be the best qualified? If the real reason behind the staff cuts is to save money, why is the BOP spending so much in “paid moves”, travel and training just to name a few? We all know it is a dangerous job and nobody is complaining about that, but would you ask your local police to do their job without a gun?

Andrew E. Kline