The real story

I had the privilege of attending the Lycoming County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner. Clarifications are in order.

First, Pennsylvania State Speaker of the House Mike Turzai announced weeks ago that he was ending his candidacy for governor. There are only two viable candidates for governor left in the GOP primary, state Sen. Scott Wagner and Pittsburgh businessman Paul Mango. In fact, Speaker Turzai even gave a full fledged endorsement of the remaining candidates running against the Gov. Wolf.

Also, should Lou Barletta be elected to replace Sen. Bob Casey, he would be an ally to President Trump. Pennsylvanians could depend on Lou Barletta to protect our God-given right to self-defense, unabashedly promote life, and like our President, seek to uphold and strengthen programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security though more efficient management, improving economic growth, and building a wall on our southern border, ending chain migration, and ridding our nation of illegal aliens who drain $116 billion in federal, state, and local resources every year and send $140 billion more out of our economy to their home countries according to studies by the Federation for American Immigration Reform and the Pew Research Center. Imagine the yearly relief that would provide our $20 trillion national debt!

Finally, credit should be given where it is due. I would like to thank the Sun-Gazette for accurately calling out the fake news 60 Minutes hit hob on Congressman Marino’s bill that received nearly unanimous support from both parties in the House and Senate as well as the Obama administration before the former President signed it into law. Tom Marino is a dedicated servant to this Congressional district and we would be remiss to fall for the drive-by-media’s plot to oust a stalwart Trump supporter in the Congress.

Ryan Workman


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom