Time for empty slogans is gone

If it wasn’t so tragic, it might be funny to watch such hopeless people.

First, the Florida legislature kills the bill that would raise the legal age to purchase an assault rifle. You have to be 21 to buy a pistol, but you can buy an assault rifle at age 18!

How does that make sense? They follow that up by passing a law that states that ‘pornography is a threat to public health’ (but guns aren’t). Finally, they iced the cake by passing a law stating that all schools must display the state motto, “In God We Trust.” They don’t trust anyone but the NRA to bankroll them and continue to get them re-elected.

Well, God helps those who help themselves, and expects the powerful to act with wisdom, compassion, and justice.

The time for empty slogans is long past. We are killing our young people, their bodies, their faith, and their futures, as we meet their grief with empty words, inaction, and a determination to stick with the status quo as the country sinks further into the abyss.

Nancy E. McCarty


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom