Tired of it

I am sick and tired of reading about how the Democrats love to tell the media that the Republicans’ are selling you and I out. How the Republicans’ do not want to work with the Democrats, to solve problems. Democrats’, more precisely speaking, U.S. Senator, Bob Casey, has been in office for years, even when Democrats’ were in the majority in the Senate. What did he do? Approved a health care system, that Democrats’ had no idea how much it would cost, or what it would cover.

I know first hand Bob Casey does not care about the people that he is supposed to represent. My brother, who passed away from Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam, with honor, and had the metals to prove it, served 13 months for this country, died for this country, and Mr. Casey refused to meet with him in Williamsport. He had one of his office staff talk with my brother. I was with my brother through this.

Mr. Casey wants to help illegal people, called Dreamers. He support sanctuary cities.

Mr. Casey repeats the tax reform criticisms of the Democrats in Washington because he is unable to have an original thought, on tax reform, which has helped the average Pennsylvanian. The tax reform is helping people in Pennsylvania, but you would not know it, because you do not know common people.

As far as school violence, I know your knowledge is quite limited due to your privileged up bringing. In our schools, there are a few children, who love to tease, humiliate, degrade other kids. They create the future disturbed, possibility dangerous killer. We send troubled kids to juvenile court, because they are too young to prosecute the same as an adult. We expunge their juvenile crimes, which condones bad behavior. You and your so-called friends decide to not hold any person who commits crimes responsible.

I hope 2018 elections begin to change Pennsylvania.

Stephen Hertel


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom