Trump keeps promises

In response to the AP news opinion on the front page entitled “World braces for Trump’s Trade war, absolutely unacceptable”, I don’t agree with the opinions from other globalist sources.

The president is sticking to his campaign promises.

Ever since my job at PA House Furniture, in Lewisburg, moved to China and my wife’s job at Springs Window Fashions, in Montgomery, moved to Mexico, I have said this is the only solution to the problem of our jobs leaving the USA.

Our politicians have sold our country away in the last 30 plus years for their benefit and now we have a business man in there who finally understands what’s going on .

I am tired of these countries like China, Mexico and others dumping their garbage on our shores and enticing our companies to build their plants there with cheaper and “slave labor” as well.

Yes, this will drive prices up on some of the things we buy, but think of this as a donation and investment in our future and our own country.

Time to tighten our belts, folks, and yes I am also guilty of buying this garbage over the years, but have you ever went to Walmart and tried to buy something made in America. Very sad when we look at the labels on items and see where our country has gone.

My job hunting days are over, as I am now retired, but we must think of the future of our country and the generations to come. All of these countries have been laughing at us for years with this unfair trade with our job market paying the price.

Jack A. Craft


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom