Advice for teenagers, elderly

Young people, think before you act. Recently, young people still in school threatened a bomb scare and some shooting in other parts of the country, acting on an angry impulse, not stopping to think about the opportunities they themselves would lose:

Future good-paying jobs if they get a diploma, finish a GED program to get a job, a chance to go to a college and take a course in something they would like to do someday, a chance to prove they could accomplish some important things they would really like to do.

A time to grow and develop.

Some young people think that having a baby before finishing school would help them but they do not think about how to really raise the child.

Can they really care for the child when the child cries, dirty diapers, vomits, cannot sleep, gets hungry, gets sick?

So before you act on an angry impulse because things don’t go your way, think about the future you could really have and make a big difference.

Also, older people who grow up don’t act like everything must go your way. You will be affected by your actions, like losing pensions while abusing people in the school system lose love of people who had trusted them. So if you cannot cope with problems that come your way, do not take it out on other people.

They have a life to live that given a chance could make a big difference.

Could make a big difference.

Killing people will not solve your problems, beating people will not solve your problems.

You will only end up hurting yourself because in the end of life, we all must give an account to God, our only creator.

So think, pray and delay violent actions.

Things will get better, just wait it out.

Allen Bickell

Cogan Station