Gun reality check

On Sunday I perused the letters to the editor. Of the nine letters, five were in support of the NRA talking points. I know all the arguments – an assault rifle is just a semi-automatic rifle, 30-round clips are allowed to keep the tyrannical government from overrunning our 2nd Amendment privileges. It is time for a reality check!

The government is not going to take your precious guns out of your paranoid little hands. The ability of this country to repeal the 2nd Amendment is zero. Only by whipping people into a frenzy can you block a rational discussion on what makes sense to lessen or eliminate shootings in schools, concerts, movie theaters, and churches. Does the NRA represent the average gun owner or do they represent gun manufacturers? Any member of the NRA should consider whether they want to be associated with an organization that feels it is more important to coddle paranoid gun manufacturers than it is to have reasonable debate on gun safety in this country.

Jay D. Myers


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom