I stand with police

I will start by stating how I view the policemen in our state and the other 49 states which make up the United States of America. I compare every policeman with a timber rattlesnake. They pose no danger to the general public, unless one chooses to step on them. This is called retaliation and it is brought on by the few who have no respect for others, including themselves.

This is how I view one of the most disgusting things that is taking place in our country since I was born in 1932. We have thousands upon thousands of police departments as well as an equal amount of fire stations and halls. None of them are prejudicial when they receive a 911 call for a major or minor fire of any size, where it is located or if it would be in an ethnic or a nonethnic neighborhood. They are our protectors, regardless of race. They lay their lives on the line every day for the safety of the public. Every year there are hundreds of these brave and devoted people killed or burned to death for laying down their lives to make this country one of the safest in the world.

Neither myself nor any of my relatives ever had a run-in with the law, unless it was a traffic violation for exceeding the speed limit. If we were asked to step out of our cars, we did exactly what was requested of us. If we were told to raise our hands over our heads or to lay down on the ground, we obeyed their requests. To be intimidated by the order of a policeman certainly isn’t painful but in today’s world no perpetrator has to do anything that she or he doesn’t want to do. About half the residents in this country have a chip on their shoulders when they are pulled over by police. Do you as an individual feel that any policeman who pulls you over along any highway deserves to be shot point blank because he is violating your rights? Get real my friends. This is all happening because the attitudes of the average citizen in this country is they are above the law.

When a policeman is shot in the line of duty, they are only doing the job they were hired and trained to do. If a criminal is unjustly shot by a policeman, nine times out of ten they refuse to obey an order given to them by the policeman. The choice is theirs. They have an attitude that they are above the law because they could be driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is when things get out of hand and the inevitable happens. It could be prevented but the people involved and the newspapers and TV news stations are all too quick to pass judgement before a full and complete inquiry is made. This is what entices the public to reach a premature conclusion and it is never in favor of police.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.