It doesn’t work

In response to Richard Tobin’s letter ”Life is cheap” in last Sunday’s edition, it was a liberal attempt to shame law abiding citizens. This garbage is what liberals do to advance their agenda.

The shooting at any school and killing of its students is horrific to say the least but to say it is the fault of a certain type of firearm when it has been well publicized that law enforcement was at fault is wrong. I give high praise to the schools and parents who would not permit their children to walk out of school to protest. These students need to stay in class and learn history and learn how Europe was taken under seige by dictators and fascist leaders who brain washed the youth of their countries and how gun control and then gun confiscation lead to the mass killings that the liberals in this country would love to have omitted from history.

Many of the kids that did take part in the walk out did not know what an assault weapon is when asked and did not know the specifics of the 2nd Amendment.

That march was put together awfully quick by these so-called students. I suppose Mr. Tobin and his extreme liberals on the left would like to have everyone believe that these school students raised the amount of money needed for the buses, hotel lodging and food all by themselves. The school district in Baltimore, Md. can’t afford to heat their own school buildings but they could afford to bus their kids to a protest march?

I’m a life member of the NRA and proud of it. I am also a owner of a AR-15 with many 30 round clips, some 10 round clips and a few 5 round clips. The semiautomatic rifle is not the most dangerous weapon, your left wing liberal rhetoric is.

We do not need any more gun control in this country; it does not work!

George W. Lockett


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom