Keep this fence up

A wise idiomatic piece of advice says: “Don’t take down a fence until you know what it was put up for in the first place.” This advice would have done well to be heeded if you were to consider that the fence was the 2nd Amendment and you were talking about the recent school walkout protest!

There has been so much misinformation being spread that it is hard to sympathize with their cause. These are kids being used as political pawns to further an agenda of anti-gun advocates that would do nothing to solve any of the problems that they claim to seek. Better use of their time would have been to spend 17 minutes in class being taught what the 2nd Amendment says, and why it is so important to the Constitution.

Of course that would mean the teachers themselves would have to read it for the first time themselves, too. Perhaps 17 minutes for several more days could be spent teaching the other amendments! Without people knowing your rights, any of them can be taken away. It is so important that police read you your rights if you get arrested for that same reason; so much so that failing to read you your rights means nothing you say before that can be held against you.

These are kids involved in a cause, based on the emotion of the moment, not considering other facts, or why the “fence was put up in the first place”. Changing laws would not affect the kids now as much as several years from now, when they would be old enough to have a family that they were responsible to protect. How would they feel if laws they want changed now would prevent them from doing that later?

One good thing that has come from this protesting is that it has caused me to learn much more about both sides of the debate than ever before and confirmed the need for the 2nd Amendment to be protected from erosion taking place even now, such as laws being passed to make sure someone under 21 cannot protect themselves from someone wanting to kill them. Why 21, why not 25 or 35? Or so-called background checks. Where is government going to get private information? They would have to have a record on everyone to get information about anyone wanting a gun or not. What about HIPPA laws? The last couple shootings were a failure of the agencies in charge to even use the information they had!

Keith McAndrew


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom