Majorities vary

The majority of Americans are in agreement over the mass killings happening more frequently here in USA; we agree that they are horrific. Now let’s discuss who actually is responsible in each case and who literally has the blood on their hands for these horrific acts of murder.

NRA? Planned parenthood? Senator Rubio? President Trump? You? Me? Nah, just the murderer. So I suggest that the darling of the left, David Hogg, get an interview with the recent school shooter. Ask him why? Then ask him about the death penalty too. Capital punishment is legal in Florida I believe, by decree of their state laws, and just like abortion, the death penalty is legal thanks to our Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court has how many justices? Nine, I believe. What constitutes a majority rule in that leg of our three-legged system of U.S. government? The correct answer is 60 percent, right? No, that’s just the United States Senate, ughhhh.

John Nile Updegraff